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All the best tips and tricks to help your deck removal project go smoothly.

5 Great Tips for DIY Deck Repair & Removal

Maybe it’s been a while since your deck has seen some renovation. Or perhaps you’ve just bought a new house and you realize that the deck hasn’t had the repair and maintenance that it needs. Either way, it’s time for some do-it-yourself deck repair and removal. Here’s what you need to know about getting up those boards. Order a Demo-Dek today or click here to contact us online! 1. Repair Or Replace Your Deck? First off, ask yourself how extensive your work is going to be. If you’re generally happy with the deck and it looks like only a few boards need replacing, a deck removal might not be the answer. A full deck construction project will require significant planning such as coming up with deck ideas, selecting deck materials, developing a project timeline that considers the deck removal. Something else to consider is the affect your deck will have on the value of your home. A quick deck repair to an old, rotting deck could be a liability if you’re trying to sell, while a full deck construction project can significantly improve the crucial curb-appeal of your home. 2. Check Your Deck Before You Pull With a DIY deck repair and removal, you’ve got to know what you’re up against. Look for signs of damaged boards on both the top and bottom of the deck. There’s plenty of ways your deck can suffer damage; it’s outside, so the elements, insects and vermin, and just the fact that wood ages can all work against you in terms of deck repair and removal. Inspect your deck closely and look for any... read more

5 Reasons Why Demo-Dek is Vital for Residential Deck Construction

Here’s just 5 of many reasons why using a Demo-Dek is vital for any Residential Deck Construction project: Deck repair and renovation is an evergreen job for general contracting companies. But until now, they’ve been aggravating, time-consuming jobs. Even in ideal conditions, too often deck removal can seem like it’s not worth the bid. That’s where the Demo-Dek comes in handy. Here are just five reasons why it’s crucial to have a Demo-Dek on hand when those deck construction jobs come rolling in for the summer. 1. Be Faster and More Efficient Demo-Dek is built from the ground up to make removing even the most stubborn board a simple job. Just slide the hook under a board and pull; the long handle gives you ideal leverage to pop up the decking, and twists the board, meaning the whole board comes up. It can lever off nearly three hundred square feet of boards in ten minutes decreasing overall deck construction time. 2. Make The Job Easier There are no batteries to charge, or pieces to keep on hand, order and replace. Demo-Dek is designed to be as simple as possible getting the job done easily and making deck repair simple If your deck construction crew can put a hook under a board and pull down on a handle, they can use a Demo-Dek. 3. It Can Deal With Any Fastener Every contractor has had this moment; you get a good look at the fastener on a deck and realize that the deck was put together with long wood screws that have rusted themselves into stubbornness making deck repair a hassle. Instead... read more

The Demand for Commercial Deck Renovation and How to Simplify the Process

Commercial deck renovation is one of the more common jobs contractors are called on to bid for. While they can be profitable, they can also mean a complicated process that often needs streamlining. Here’s what you need to know about commercial deck renovation, and what’s involved to make it simpler. Order a Demo-Dek today or click here to contact us online! Rising Demand General contractor or decking specialist, it’s likely that large deck repair jobs will increasingly be part of your workload. It’s estimated in 2005 alone, 800,000 decks were built, and there’s no sign that commercial deck construction has slowed. Many commercial clients view a deck as a valuable feature to attract customers or improve relations with residents and citizens. From playgrounds to marinas, apartment complexes to nursing homes, commercial decking is everywhere. Soon much of it will need to be renovated due to safety hazards or general wear and tear from Mother Nature. Commercial Deck Renovation Vs. Residential Deck Renovation The key difference between commercial and residential decking often boils down to the scale of the job. Most residential decks are relatively small jobs that can be done in a few days. Commercial decking, on the other hand, can range from a deck designed to serve multiple units in a commercial condo structure to a mile-long boardwalk or private marina. The scale of the job can sometimes be intimidating for many contractors. There can also legal and bidding concerns. While timing and cost are important to any contractor’s bid, when dealing with commercial deck renovation, often being able to get the job done the fastest and the... read more

Is It Time for a Deck Construction Project? Deck Renovation Made Easy

In an ideal world, you’d build your deck and that would be the end of the story. Unfortunately, decks often require yearly maintenance and repair. Here’s what you need to know about deck damage and deck board removal. Why Do I Need To Replace Boards On My Deck? Simply put, time and nature take its toll. Your deck is outside every day of the year. Hot, humid summers make the boards swell. Cold frigid winters make them contract and fill them with water that freezes, damaging your deck. As the seasons cycle through, your deck will begin to develop problems; mold and rot will take hold, the wood will crack and splinter, and your hardware may begin to rust or wear away as well. These elements often determine whether you need a quick repair or full deck construction project. Order a Demo-Dek today or click here to contact us online! Are There Visible Signs That Deck Board Removal Is Necessary? Look for the following signs that indicate a deck construction project is in order: Signs of rot, such as black mold Moss or lichen Cracking or splitting, especially along the length of the board Fasteners pulling away from the wood As wood swells and shrinks it will push out nails and staples A “mushy” or soft feeling when you step on the board Silvering of the wood, especially when accompanied by other signs of damage Don’t forget to look at the underside of your deck, as well; mold in particular loves darkness. Won’t The Deck Stay Protected By Stain And Deck Sealant? For a while, but just like the... read more