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Deck Removal Tool by GreenTek Tools Pull up decking simply and safely in a fraction of the time, while cutting costs and boosting productivity. Works on many types of decking and fasteners.

  • High-Strength Engineered Handle
  • Heat-Treated Alloy Steel Lifter
  • Integrated Nail Puller
  • Weight: 9 lbs.

This is the new model with a nail-pull in the heel!

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Let’s talk Strength We actually hang 825 lbs. of weight on the 9 lb. Demo-Dek tools’ handle to not only make sure every Demo-Dek can stand up to strength far beyond what any person could apply, but many times more than even the best fasteners can withstand. We use heat-treated ultra tough alloy for the lifter to match the strength of the engineered handle.

Let’s talk Ease of Use The Demo-Dek guys know how frustrating it can be to remove deck boards. The patented Demo-Dek is a tool which gives you all the advantages. More often than not, the Demo-Dek can remove a 16 ft. board in one pull. After plank removal, the integrated nail puller allows you to easily remove stuck nails that have been left behind. No need to purchase a separate nail remover tool Plus pick up old planks with the tool – no need to bend over!

My deck has screws, how does that effect removal?  High strength fastenened planks may need to be shortened in place for fastest removal. Don’t pull till the board breaks! Pop the connections starting at one end to see how much of the plank can be removed with each pry – work your way down the board till its fully dislocated. Experiment with different lengths and pulling techniques to discover each scenarios optimal removal strategy. Residual screws typically snap off when hit sideways with a hammer, or cut by various methods.

Let’s talk ROI Demo-Dek will appeal to every decking contractor who does any amount of deck construction or dock work, as it will pay for itself BEFORE the first deck renovation is done! Decking contractors will be able to present a lower price to customers because the old deck boards have been torn off in a FEW MINUTES instead of HOURS. DIY’s will have the right tool to quickly accomplish a daunting task so they can get on to the next project! 

Competetive Advantage The Demo-Deks patented design gives the user more power, efficiency, and safety than any other method. The superior leverage of DEMO-DEK allows rapid safe deck demolition giving superior results with a lower liability for anyone from DIY to a seasoned PRO. Pulling/Operating towards the safe side is a Demo-Dek EXCLUSIVE rendering every other deck demo tool obsolete.

Try DEMO-DEK, then throw your other deck demo tools out just like 1,000’s of other contractors.  EMAIL US FOR DISCOUNT WHEN YOU WANT A SECOND TOOL, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc, etc……

Warranty We warrant against manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 2 × 8 in