Here’s just 5 of many reasons why using a Demo-Dek is vital for any Residential Deck Construction project:

Deck repair and renovation is an evergreen job for general contracting companies. But until now, they’ve been aggravating, time-consuming jobs. Even in ideal conditions, too often deck removal can seem like it’s not worth the bid. That’s where the Demo-Dek comes in handy. Here are just five reasons why it’s crucial to have a Demo-Dek on hand when those deck construction jobs come rolling in for the summer.

1. Be Faster and More Efficient

Demo-Dek is built from the ground up to make removing even the most stubborn board a simple job. Just slide the hook under a board and pull; the long handle gives you ideal leverage to pop up the decking, and twists the board, meaning the whole board comes up. It can lever off nearly three hundred square feet of boards in ten minutes decreasing overall deck construction time.

2. Make The Job Easier

There are no batteries to charge, or pieces to keep on hand, order and replace. Demo-Dek is designed to be as simple as possible getting the job done easily and making deck repair simple If your deck construction crew can put a hook under a board and pull down on a handle, they can use a Demo-Dek.

3. It Can Deal With Any Fastener

Every contractor has had this moment; you get a good look at the fastener on a deck and realize that the deck was put together with long wood screws that have rusted themselves into stubbornness making deck repair a hassle. Instead of having to hope your drill can get it out, or wreck a bit trying, Demo-Dek gives you the leverage you need to yank it right out instead.

4. It’s More Ergonomic

Deck construction doesn’t really lend itself to a healthy back, and when a good back is your livelihood, that’s a problem. Getting on your hands and knees, going through and yanking rusty nails with a pry bar or pulling out screws with your screw gun is not exactly pleasant for any contractor, and it can aggravate old injuries or result in new ones. Demo-Dek is designed with ergonomics in mind, allowing you to remove decking without bending over or wearing out your back. Sure, deck repair will always be hard work, but with Demo-Dek, you’ll have less likelihood of on-the-job injury.

5. Prevent Safety Hazards

Safety is crucial on any contracting job, but as we all know, accidents happen. Decks that may have extensive damage from years of neglect in particular can be a huge safety hazard. Demo-Dek’s hook keeps you in control of each board after it’s removed, so you’re safer on any deck construction job. And unlike many of its competitors, you can stand safely on the still-planked side of the deck while using Demo-Dek.

Decrease Time, Reduce Cost, & Secure That Bid!

Demo-Dek can turn hours of removing boards into a task that’s done in minutes. Deck construction has never been easier. Both time and personnel needs can be substantially reduced, as it decreases board removal time significantly. Just one contractor with a Demo-Dek can do a job in minutes that it can take two with screw guns or pry bars a full day to take care of. With Demo-Dek on hand, you’ll be able to make a lower bid… and be more likely to secure the job. Order your Demo-Dek today or click here to contact us online!

Order a Demo-Dek today or click here to contact us online!