Commercial deck renovation is one of the more common jobs contractors are called on to bid for. While they can be profitable, they can also mean a complicated process that often needs streamlining. Here’s what you need to know about commercial deck renovation, and what’s involved to make it simpler.

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Rising Demand

General contractor or decking specialist, it’s likely that large deck repair jobs will increasingly be part of your workload. It’s estimated in 2005 alone, 800,000 decks were built, and there’s no sign that commercial deck construction has slowed. Many commercial clients view a deck as a valuable feature to attract customers or improve relations with residents and citizens. From playgrounds to marinas, apartment complexes to nursing homes, commercial decking is everywhere. Soon much of it will need to be renovated due to safety hazards or general wear and tear from Mother Nature.

Commercial Deck Renovation Vs. Residential Deck Renovation

The key difference between commercial and residential decking often boils down to the scale of the job. Most residential decks are relatively small jobs that can be done in a few days. Commercial decking, on the other hand, can range from a deck designed to serve multiple units in a commercial condo structure to a mile-long boardwalk or private marina. The scale of the job can sometimes be intimidating for many contractors.

There can also legal and bidding concerns. While timing and cost are important to any contractor’s bid, when dealing with commercial deck renovation, often being able to get the job done the fastest and the cheapest will make the difference between landing the job. Streamlining the process is particularly important when putting together your bid.

Streamlining The Job

The first step in streamlining the job is to get a sense of what’s involved. Ask to visit the job site and thoroughly inspect as much of the decking as you can. Look for signs of damage that might extend beyond what’s detailed in the bid. For example, boardwalks, in addition to the standard weathering and aging wooden decking will experience, also have to deal with heavy foot traffic and the corrosive effects of salt air. Getting a sense of the challenges involved and what the deck will have to stand up to will go a long way towards figuring out the best bid.

Secondly, speak with the client in detail about their needs and what they’re looking for. Especially with a large commercial job, it’s a good idea to set expectations and make sure the client understands that you have to do things a certain way for safety’s sake. Being clear before you bid saves you a lot of time when you’re on site.

Finally, look into upgrading your tools for the job. For example, instead of pry bars and screw guns, try the Demo-Dek. Turn days of work into hours of work, helping you streamline the job process and ensuring that you keep down time and labor costs. If you’re working in commercial deck renovation, put the Demo-Dek in your toolkit as the fast and efficient deck removal alternative. Order a Demo-Dek today or click here to contact us online!